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RE LAW Bulletins

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001 Earnest Money Forfeitures

002 Seller's Duty to Disclose

003 Real Estate Contract vs. Deed of Trust

004 Payments to Unlicensed Persons

005 Title Insurance In a Nutshell

006 How Judgment Liens Affect Real Estate

007 Understanding Adjustable Rate Mortgages

008 Homesteads

009 Land Development Laws

010 Real vs. Personal Property

011 Implied Duty of Good Faith Dealing

012 Seller's Liability After an Assumption

013 Pitfalls of "Lease/Purchase" Transactions

014 Fair Housing Laws

015 Implied Warranty of Habitability

016 Unused Underground Res. Heating Oil Tanks

017 Home Warranty Programs

019 Must Both Husband and Wife Sign Agreement to Buy or Sell Community Realty?

020 Faxed Transmissions of Agreements and Notices

022 New Construction: Custom vs. Presale

023 Income Tax Benefits of Homeownership

024 Preparation of Purchase and Sale Agreements by Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons

025 Adverse Possession

026 Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

027 Residential Condominium Disclosure Requirements

028 Co-Ownership Between Unmarried Persons

029 Community Property in a Nutshell

030 Offer and Acceptance

031 Deadlines in Purchase and Sale Agreements

032 Rules of Contract Interpretation

034 Lead-Based Paint

035 Rescission Rights in Residential Real Estate Transactions

036 Red Flags for Real Estate Agents

037 Caveat Vendor

038 Handling Multiple Offers

039 Electronic Signatures

040 Unlicensed Assistants

041 Form 17 Do’s and Don’ts

042 Advertising Requirements under Regulation Z

043 Haven’t Got a CLUE About Insurance?

044 “For Sale by Owner” in the 21st Century

045 Checklist for Selling Your Home

046 How “fiscal cliff” deal affects homeowners

RE LAW Bulletins

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